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Teenage Girl loses Two necklaces charms in CDA lake idaho..Was Found !!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On August 3 Amber, her mom Jodi , their two dogs and friend Michael all went down to Higgins point on CDA lake. Amber was enjoying a swim by herself but wanted some company so she invited the dogs to join her. Then without any warning Amber’s lab panicked in the water right next to her. The thrashing legs of Amber’s dog scratched her back and broke the chain necklace that was around her neck. However no one saw this happen and no one saw that two of the four pendents had fallen off the chain. As amber returned to shore with a throbbing back and no idea of the real pain to come, she exited the water and discovered her broken necklace. A whole week went by for Amber, with tears and past memories of her lost pendant’s. Amber’s mom Jodi knew of the anguish her daughter felt and took to Craigslist to seek help. I being an active Ring finders member, search the lost and found when ever I can. On Sunday morning I saw Jodi’s post about the lost pendant’s. But unlike most posts with the writer admitting they have no idea of the location of said item, Jodi was able to describe the exact moment with a fixed rock formation marking where the pendants were lost. I saw all of this and knew Jodi and Amber needed my help. So with a few emails and phone calls I headed out to Higgins point. Arriving at Higgins point I called Jodi and soon found the rock formation and the scene of the incident. Michael, Jodi’s friend showed up as I was about to enter the water and gave me some tips on where he thought the pendants fell off. I didn’t know it until after Michael had left, that he had sat down and was pointing right in line with the pendants. I had walked over the pendants at least twice and swung over them with my detector. However I did not get a signal. It was when I put my Fisher CZ-21 in all metal mode that I got a signal and recovered both pendants. The silvered colored phantom of the Oprah mask pendant was found first and then the most treasured Fifteen Gold pendant. I returned the pendant’s to Jodi at their house but couldn’t stay to see Amber’s reaction, Although Jodi sent me a quick video of Amber opening the original box to find her pendants. Amber was overwhelmed and elated that her lost pendents had come back to her .

Amber reunited with her charms.