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Misplaced Celphone in House .. Pacific Palisades, CA. .. Found after two days

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

John called me distressed because he had lost his celphone in his house. Two days had passed and he had used up all his resources to find it. Part of the problem was that he had turned it off. He had talked to apple support, that is where they told him it could be found with a metal detector.
John found TheRingFinders.com on line, contacting me the third morning. I told him that, most likely my full size detectors wouldn’t work well inside the house. I really tried to be honest with him. He was desperate, asking me if I had ever searched inside homes. I have search inside homes in the past, so I said I would come look at his place.
It was a couple hours later when I met John at his home. The first thing I said was I believe something may have been set on top of the celphone. I asked him where he usually puts the celphone. I could see several places where I could use my pinpointer, so I began to probe in a lounge chair as John pointed out a shelf where he keeps his towels. Boom! under the towels was his important celphone with days of messages from his clients. There have been several of my searches that I have not personally found the item, but people had told me that my suggestions helped them find their lost item.
John Cassese is known as “The Dance Doctor” in Los Angeles and Santa Monica much of his business is conducted using his iPhone.