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Lost Wedding Ring on Her Wedding Day in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The call came in Saturday afternoon and the young man said that his wife had lost her wedding ring at Stanley Park while taking wedding photos. He asked if I could come out and take a look and I said that I could be there in two hours as I was visiting my dad who lives a good hour plus from Vancouver.

I grabbed my detector and headed for the park and when I got there I received a call from the young man who I thought was going to meet me there to show me the area but as we talked I realized he was the groom and it was his bride that lost the ring.

They were at the reception celebrating and he told me over the phone where he knew the ring was lost and I thought I was in the right area but not 100% sure. After 3 1/2 hours I packed it up until the next morning when I received a call from her bridesmaid.

We met up and she was able to show me the area that they were taking pictures and she told me the story about the ring that was lost…It was the brides great-grandmothers ring that was handed down to the brides grandmother then past on to the brides mother and her mother gave it to her on her wedding day.



This would make the ring extremely sentimental and to lose it on that special day just broke her heart.  After getting good directions of where they were and what they were doing I was able to utilize my process of elimination and shortly after three hours I found her great-grandmothers wedding ring.




I have the greatest Job in the world… I get to make people smile!

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You can watch the video of the recovery below.