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Cape Cod: Lost Ring Found, with a little help from a friend.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

It is great to have a helpful and concerned friend in time of need. That is just what Greg was for Sam. Greg posted signs around the beach. At home he reached out to TheRingFinders for help in finding Sam’s wedding band; that is where I came in. Just hours after Sam’s wedding band had slipped from his finger into the crystal clear water and under the soft white sand Greg and I were exchanging pictures of the area of loss were exchanged and set a time to meet the next day.

Sam met Jim (my summer time detecting comrade) and myself just after sunrise, lead us down a one-way dirt road to a 3 car public parking area were we geared up and took a hike to the lake. After Sam answered a few questions about the loss, Jim and I headed out to the area believed to be where the ring had slipped from Sam’s finger.

I had dug three coins and then a ring. It was not as I had envisioned it and called back to Sam…“is it a square ring?” To which Sam asked “what do you mean?” “Well, not round” I called back. The resounding YES was probably be heard all over the lake. Jim looked puzzled and on my way back to shore I let Jim have a peek at the ring in my scoop. When I got back to shore Sam had the enjoyment of retrieving his ring from my scoop and placing it back where it belonged, on his finger. Time elapse…three minutes. The pictures tell it all!