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Hedge in Los Osos gives up wedding band.

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

I was checking my e-mail when a letter from a lady, Dawn-Marie in Los Osos Calif. a small community just south of Morro Bay caught my eye.  The e-mail started out with a question “Could I help her?” and went on to tell a tell of losing her husband’s white gold wedding ring in their driveway. Now I must admit curiosity got the best of me so I gave her a call to see what was going on and how could I be of help. It seems while getting out of the passenger side of their car, parked on a slanted concrete driveway and while holding her husband’s wedding ring at the same time had the ring fly out of her hand, it bounced on the concrete and then disappeared. Both she and her husband heard it hit the concrete, but never seen where it went. After looking in, under and around the very thick hedge next to the driveway and searching all the surrounding area for a day with no success Dawn-Marie found my Ring Finders ad on Crag’s List and sent me an e-mail. I was not able to go look for the lost ring right then due to prior commitments, but would come out the next day and see if I could find the ring.

I made the 25 mile trip as the day was getting abnormally hot for a fall day on the Central Coast and knew I needed to find the ring fast or I was going to over heat.  Being a coastal boy any time it gets over 80 deg. I’m ready to go find some shade at the beach, sip ice tea and watch the ladies sunbath on the sand & enjoy the surf.

Once I got to the slanted driveway and seen the thick hedge next to it I figured out my Tesoro with the Clean Sweep coil would be best to get in and around the thick bushes. After an initial sweep of the easy stuff and finding a few pennies and bottle caps I started working into the hedge and the thought the ring could have bounced and landed in the hedge and stuck never making it back to the ground. I began shaking the hedge and rechecking the slanted 20′ x 6′ area which was the only place the ring could have gone as the rest of the area was concrete or asphalt. I went back to the bottom of the slope and in a few sweeps of the coil I had a strong hit next to the border bricks and about 3″ of leaves, carefully reaching in I had recovered the lost ring.

Dawn-Maries face broke into a smile as I asked her “Is this the ring?” Score another one for “The Ring Finders”.

Dawn Dawn-Marie_ring