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  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Back in October I received a message from a distraught lady that had just lost her wedding ring set on a recent outing. She had found my offer of recovery services on website. As the story developed it turned out to be our local KIRO morning news anchor Colleen O’Brien. She had just lost her wedding ring set on a recent outing to the park with her family. After working with her over the phone she had high hopes that the rings were most likely lost in the park. As they had taken some family photos within the grass amongst the fallen leaves. I also learned that they had made a stop at the local Walgreens where she hopped out for a quick visit before reaching the park. With that in mind I encouraged her to revisit the parking lot of the Walgreens for a second look as they were closer to the location than I.

Being a high traffic public area this made it critical to respond as soon as possible. Our concerns in public parking lots is to scan the area before someone else finds your lost items of value. Even though many people will try to find you not everyone will return expensive wedding rings or even understand the best ways to reach out to the public. I was still on schedule to search the retail parking lot and the park as necessary when the good news came in. Her husband was able to swing by the parking lot soon after our conversation and recovered both of the lost wedding rings for his wife, Colleen.

I am always happy to work with people over the phone and overwhelmed with joy any time someone gets a recovery no matter how it comes about. Just being able to share some insight, hope and encouragement was exactly what this story needed and I was honored to take the call.

Whit this experience Colleen was very appreciative and suggested we do a new story on so more people are made aware of the amazing services that our finders all across the country offer in helping people find their lost items of value.

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This story aired on KIRO Radio News on Feb. 12th, 2021

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Small clarification we do assist if rings have been flushed down the drain, toilet or suspected to be in pets (dogs) or their deposits…



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