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Yard Work Ring Recovery

Another happy Customer! Bill was doing yard work around his yard in Manhattan KS as we all do this time of year when he realized his ring was no longer on his finger. Bill reached out and asked if I could assist in locating his missing ring. Showed up and within an hour i picked up a promising signal in the grass. Quick use of my Minelab pin pointer and low
and behold, I recovered his ring.

Lost Ring in Manhattan KS found

Man holds found Ring by Kansas relics and Recovery

Lost Engagement Ring found in Fort Riley, Kansas

Lost Engagement ring found today

I received a call from a young military couple who had lost her wedding ring while playing with the dog. After About 20 minutes of searching the yard I picked up a nice 21 signal! As look down I saw the silver glitter through the grass of the white gold ring. It’s always amazing to see the look of joy and happiness when you turn around holding the ring. They We’re a very happy couple and I am happy for them.

Ring found by Kansas Relics and Recovey

Another ring finder success story

Ring Recovery by Kansas Relics and Recovey

Kansas Relics and Recovery finds the ring!

Found Ring on finger

Lost ring from Junction City Kansas on finger

Lost ring found in Kansas

Closeup of lost engagement ring in Ft Riley Kansas


Lost Ring found in Ft. Riley Kansas review

Lost engagement ring found review

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