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Lost Expensive Carbon Fiber JETSURF Hood at Leschi Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Here in Seattle we have had some really good weather and with good weather comes the water sports. Dakota contacted me seeking dive recovery support for an expensive carbon fiber lid he lost at the dock from his latest toy. We had a nice chat on the phone where he explained he had this super exciting carbon fiber surfboard that has a gas engine inside of the hull. However when he was moving the board around on the dock the lid came off, went into the lake and sank to 40 feet. The good news was that this just happened and they knew the drop zone precisely. The lid was brightly painted on one side and has a bright colored decal on the back side. Being rather large in size I had all the confidence that it would be a visual find on the surface of the silty lake bottom. I also learned that in all four corners there were metal latching pins on this part so if the silt got too aggressive I would have all opportunity to locate it with my metal detector as a backup plan.

As with many of these dock recovery missions there is typically a stock pile of trash and assorted items that fall into our water ways. Always a great opportunity for a dive in, trash out session as well.

Watch this exciting episode of the SeattleRingHunter Recovers Expensive Carbon Fiber JETSURF Hood. 

Dakota was appreciative for the recovery work provided. Before I left the site he was already gearing up to get back out into the water for some more exciting JETSURF fun.

Watch this exciting recovery video:


Jeff Morgan