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Beautiful Diamond Ring Rescued from the Lake at Kensington Metro Park

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

Ricky called me early Monday morning to ask for help finding an engagement ring his fiancee Rhonda lost while swimming at Martindale Beach.  The ring, he said, was gold and silver and he could not afford to lose it.  Rhonda and Rickey were both very upset over the ring, he was hoping to get off work early to show me where the ring was lost.

Kensington Metro Park is a very difficult lake to find a ring in.  It is popular and while clean and clear, the swimming area rarely has good visibility.  The lake is spring fed and there are springs through out the swimming area, the water is always cold and the springs move from day to day. On top of the difficulty presented by the lake, the park does not allow metal detecting in the swimming area.

Even though I obtained special permission every park employee questioned my permit.  We were on the beach when the most aggressive employee yet, Hal,  drove up on a cart and examined the permit again.  I told him I had no intent to fight about it, I have searched the beach before and I knew it would not be fun. If he had more authority than the park director, I would gladly yield.

Rhonda saved the day and expressed to Hal her misery over the loss and melted his heart.  With Hal on our team,  we now had the support of all the park staff.  I went into the water  determined to search until I recovered the ring.

I’m not exactly sure how long it took , but I came out of the water frozen cold with the ring.  Ricky was right there with me the whole time while a sizable group of friends cheered us on from shore.

I have tasked this wonderful couple with paying forward the cost of this recovery.



It is impossible to fail with a team like this.