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Wedding Ring Recovered at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Alex and Emma were enjoying a family reunion vacation with Emma’s parents and siblings with spouses at Clearwater Beach. They had traveled from the UK and the weather was not cooperating until Monday evening. The wind and rain had died down in the late afternoon and they finally got the chance to enjoy the beach. Alex was playing catch when he felt something funny and then noticed his wedding ring was missing. The whole family looked for it but could not find it.

That evening Alex began looking on the internet for someone to help and SRARC  popped up right away on The Ring Finders site. He contacted Tom and arrangements were made for a team to meet the next morning at 8:00 am. The team, Jim & Gerri Adams, Ed Osmar, Chris & Georgia Duerden, and Mike Miller got the lay out from Alex and went to work. About 30 minutes later Mike got lucky and found the ring. He called to Alex and Emma to come see if it was their ring. As they approached they were astonished that we had actually found the ring. Alex with a big grin on his face shook Mike’s hand and thanked him while Emma broke into tears of joy. Mike got a great big hug to round out the celebration.

The sun was out and the family was rejoined with the lost ring. They were really ready to get on with a great vacation and we think the weather will be cooperating for the rest of the week. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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