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Precious Pendant Lost Found and Returned in Oldsmar, Florida

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Precious Pendant Lost Found and Returned in Oldsmar, Florida

Nancy’s daughter was getting out of a car on a visit to Nancy’s home when her pendant chain broke.  She was able to catch the chain while watching the pendant fall into the thick plush grass and disappear. The family searched the area but could not find it.   Nancy contacted Mike Miller at SRARC and asked if they could help. Mike contacted Howard Metts to conduct a search.  The search area was a very small plot of thick grass between the sidewalk and the curb in front of the house.  After about 15 minutes Howard got a signal with his detector and was able to use his pin pointer to coax the pendant out of the thick grass.  Nancy said her daughter will be very happy to see the pendant again.  This is Howards second return this year and its only January! Nice work Howard and we are all happy to see the smile on Nancy’s face.

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Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Gold Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

On Friday, October 9, 2015, my wife and I along with our brother and sister-in-law were visiting Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, Florida. We were vacationing from New York and wanted to check out a Florida Beach while we were in Florida! We chose a spot on the beach and decided to take a dip in the water, not realizing the whirlwind of an experience we would have that day. We were wading and paddling through and soaking in the sun at Clearwater Beach. It was an incredibly nice beach and an experience that we didn’t have in NY.  I had told my wife to hold onto HER rings while she was in the water as I thought my own ring was feeling a little loose that morning. I mean…it was only 3½ months since we were married, I can’t be losing my ring at this time right?

While we were in the water, my wife, looking at her hand said “Oh, thank God I still have my rings on my finger. I’ll keep my fingers curled to keep it from falling.” A split second later, I find myself saying “Oh shoooot! My ring’s gone.” I was smiling and serious at the same time. I think it was shock. My wife said “you’re kidding right?”  And I showed her my hand full of five naked fingers. It was only 3 months and my ring was lost in the vastness of the Florida waters. I didn’t panic, thinking that any sign of panic would cause chaos and thoughts of sinking even more into the doghouse I thought I could be in. I kept thinking to myself that the more calm I would be the more likely I wouldn’t give up in finding my lost ring. I was holding onto a sliver of hope thinking that “hey… it was just a ring.” Our time in Florida was great but this would probably change all that in a split second.

But more importantly, this ring was incredibly significant. I mean, it was my wedding ring!! I remember the vow I made on the wedding day to my wife saying that I would give this ring to her as a sign of our constant faith and abiding love. This ring was blessed by priests and an important and close friend, a Bishop of the church who unfortunately passed away the morning after our wedding. There was deep significance behind the wedding rings that were blessed on our wedding day in June 2015. Surely, it wouldn’t be the same to get another replacement ring!

My wife and our brother and sister-in-law all searched extensively in the water for two hours searching in sections and combing the beach shores and asking people in the water to keep an eye out for a metal wedding ring! We couldn’t believe how nice the people at the Clearwater Beach were, just helping us look for this ring on their own time. We weren’t used to this kind gesture and were overwhelmed with their generosity.

We were about to give up and go home since we had a previous engagement that we had committed to and our family in Seffner, Florida was waiting for us. It was just then we saw someone with something that could help us at the very moment. Someone with a METAL DETECTOR! Aaron was casually walking along the shore line with his device when we approached him saying that we lost our wedding ring. When he asked us where we lost it, we told him it was somewhere in the water, not knowing that the metal detector could be used underwater.  He didn’t even hesitate and threw down his belongings into the sand and jumped into the water to continue our search. We were accompanied by another gentlemen casually wading in the water who was incredibly generous in helping us. We must have searched for another hour in the same area. We were coming close, hearing beeping sounds on the detector that turned out to be a dime and some possible mineral in the sand.

After an hour or so, we told Aaron that we had to leave since our family was calling us. We gave Aaron our phone number and told him to call us if he found anything.  His efforts were amazing. He didn’t give up. He kept assuring us that he would find this ring. We left Clearwater beach all bummed out that I had lost something pretty important and significant. We were even more bummed as we prepared for bed that night and realized it was a lost cause as the ring wasn’t found before the end of the day.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I got a call from Aaron who told me that he and a group of members from Suncoast Research and Recovery Club (SRARC) went out on Saturday morning with their metal detectors to locate this missing ring. He texted me the number of Mike Miller from SRARC who would provide details on getting the ring to us. I was beyond ecstatic. At a loss of words too. I called Mike and we talked about the ring and the significance of it and the efforts it took for his team to recover the ring. From the group of members who used their metal detectors in the water to find this ring to pinpoint the location of where this ring could be, I was amazed that random strangers would work tirelessly to help me! I told Mike that we were leaving for NY and couldn’t meet up personally since we were an hour away and at another function and mailing the ring to my address in NY was the best option.

We arrived back in NY from Florida and I opened the USPS package to find my missing ring!! This was UNBELIEVABLE and felt like a dream. I thought I had lost the ring for good in Florida and here it was back on my hand in NY.

As for me, I learned a few things with this experience. 1. To be a little bit more careful. 2. To realize and trust that there are good people all around you helping you. My wife and I had recently been fighting over many things, it was only 3½ months and we were honestly struggling with many things in our relationship this early into the marriage.  Honestly, losing the ring that day felt symbolic of how our relationship was going. Tossed into an ocean, lost in the sea without any hope or survival.

And being able to find the ring was symbolic of how much a journey of being married is and will be. There will be people (people you never expect to be pouring into the relationship) who will help you find your bearings and lead you into the right path. And this experience made me realize that life will take many turns and you’ll lose many things, but having hope and faith in people to help you will make a world of difference.

We are so grateful for incredible people in Florida who took time to help find my missing wedding ring. They were patient and tireless in their efforts making this rescue mission of my ring as if it was their own! From Aaron who had just moved down to Florida from Philadelphia on a work assignment who was a casually just combing the beach to Mike Miller and the SRARC team who worked together to find the missing ring….they found our treasure.

A special thanks to the SRARC team, Mike Miller, Stan Flack, Bill Gallant, and Mark Sillence, who took the time to make it a mission to find my wedding ring. We are incredibly grateful to you. Your time and efforts to help people find what was once lost. We remember your efforts.  You have brought a smile back onto my face and will be bringing smiles to many others who will need your help one day. Keep searching my friends, your treasure awaits! — good things will come to you and yours!

 J. Cherian (NY)- Ring Photo (Ring lost and found at Clearwater Beach_10.10.15)


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Wedding Ring Recovered at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Alex and Emma were enjoying a family reunion vacation with Emma’s parents and siblings with spouses at Clearwater Beach. They had traveled from the UK and the weather was not cooperating until Monday evening. The wind and rain had died down in the late afternoon and they finally got the chance to enjoy the beach. Alex was playing catch when he felt something funny and then noticed his wedding ring was missing. The whole family looked for it but could not find it.

That evening Alex began looking on the internet for someone to help and SRARC  popped up right away on The Ring Finders site. He contacted Tom and arrangements were made for a team to meet the next morning at 8:00 am. The team, Jim & Gerri Adams, Ed Osmar, Chris & Georgia Duerden, and Mike Miller got the lay out from Alex and went to work. About 30 minutes later Mike got lucky and found the ring. He called to Alex and Emma to come see if it was their ring. As they approached they were astonished that we had actually found the ring. Alex with a big grin on his face shook Mike’s hand and thanked him while Emma broke into tears of joy. Mike got a great big hug to round out the celebration.

The sun was out and the family was rejoined with the lost ring. They were really ready to get on with a great vacation and we think the weather will be cooperating for the rest of the week. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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College Basketball Championship Ring returned from Clearwater Beach

Derek Claar was swimming at Clearwater beach while on vacation with his wife Ginger and children.  While swimming the gold chain around his neck which held Ginger’s 2003 National College basketball Championship ring broke.  Derek caught the chain but was not able to catch the ring as it fell into the water.  Howard Metts was detecting in the water at Clearwater Beach a week later and found what appeared to be a class ring.  At home he could read a name, Ginger Fanelli and the college name, Mount Aloysius.  Howard and his wife Jeanine googled the name and found that Ginger was on the Mounties college basketball team which won the womens national college basketball championship that year.  He also read that Ginger held a record for points scored.  Jeanine then found through the internet that Ginger had married with a new last name and was able to find a phone number to contact Ginger.  The ring was mailed back to their home in Pennsylvania.   As you can see in the photo Ginger and Derek are quite happy about receiving the ring which they thought was gone forever. Nice work Howard!!!!!!!!!

20150608_095839 Ginger ringfinder2

Lost Ring Clearwater Beach, Florida…Found!

Adam and his wife Lori had just moved to sunny Tampa from rainy Oregon and we’re taking in a gorgeous February day with relatives at the beach.  During a game of volleyball Adam spiked the ball and then watched as his ring flew off his finger into the deep sand.  Quick thinking and a Google search lead him to our SRARC ring finders sight.  Lori spoke with team member Tom Jones who gave Stan Flack a call to see if he could give it a go.  Fortunately for Adam he saw exactly where it went in to the sand.  A 30 second sweep by Stan and bingo.  Welcome to Florida Adam and Lori.  Go Ducks.

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Diamond Pendant lost on Clearwater Beach, FL

Patti and her boyfriend Mark had come to Florida from New Jersey to attend a wedding in Orlando. They came to Clearwater to visit with family and had spent the morning sailing. After sailing they came to the Palm Pavilion for lunch and were just walking out toward the water when Patti realized it was a little warm to be wearing a scarf around her neck. She reached up to her neck to pull the scarf loose and felt her necklace break. She recovered her chain, but her diamond pendant was gone. Patti and her family searched in vain for about an hour and then a restaurant patron suggested she contact us through The Ringfinders web site. We sent someone right away and the search began. After several return trips we finally found it. As you can see she was one happy lady. Mark was pretty happy also. He had just given her the pendant in March and it was a one of a kind that he would not be able to replace.

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