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Wedding Band Lost While Walking the Dog… FOUND with Metal Detecting Service in Homewood, Alabama!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

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On Tuesday evening (December 26th, 2023), I received a text message from Amy stating she had gotten my contact info from LeeAlice (I had just found her husband’s wedding band the prior Friday).  Amy had lost her wedding band and wanted to arrange a phone call to talk about my ring finding service.  I was at dinner, but told her I would call as soon as I was done.

Amy explained that about 4 days prior her hands began swelling, so she took off her engagement ring and wedding band and put them in her pants pocket.  The next morning, Amy took her dog for a walk around her neighborhood in Homewood, Alabama.  During the walk, Amy was talking on her cell phone and reached in her pocket.  She felt the rings in there and took them out.  Amy briefly looked at them and then put them back in her pocket.  When she got back to her house, she went to put the rings on, but the wedding band was gone.  Amy went back out to where she took the rings out of her pocket and tried raking the leaves near the street to find the band, but had no luck.  I had the whole week off from work, so I told Amy that I could be out first thing in the morning for a search.

I made the 1 hour and 45-minute drive to Birmingham and met Amy around 9 AM on Wednesday morning.  I grabbed my detecting gear, and we walked out to the first spot Amy wanted me to search.  There were a few trash pieces among the leaves, but no ring.  We then walked to the next spot, which was an alleyway between the neighborhood streets.  I covered the entire right side of the alley.  This was the side Amy walked her dog on.  There was more trash in this area, but again, no ring.  I then started searching the leaves on the opposite side in case the ring rolled over there.  About half-way down the alley, I spotted Amy’s wedding band laying in plain sight on the asphalt (it had now been there for 6 days)!  I pointed at it with my orange Garrett “Carrot” Pro-Pointer AT.  Amy caught a glimpse and was so happy and relieved to have her ring back!  Amy gave me a big hug and thank you.  She told me that she was actually going to have me head back after I searched the first side.  I always like expanding my search area and make sure I rule out all possibilities.

We took some pictures and headed back to Amy’s house.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I was back on my way to Huntsville.  I thank God for another safe trip to Birmingham and back.  I also thank Him for directing me to Amy’s ring and give Him all the glory!  I wonder what the next adventure will bring…