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Lost and Found in Cullowhee North Carolina

  • from Sylva (North Carolina, United States)

I received a pm from a WCU student who lost his wedding band at a coffee shop on campus. He told me approximately where it was lost. I told him I would search for it this weekend. Well I had time tonight and went to the area and the employee of the Hillside Grind gave me permission to search for it. Five minutes in I got a great signal and there she was. I let everyone know I found it and pm’d Chris that I had it. I got home and he pm’d me after his class. I returned to campus to return it. One happy graduate student. He asked how he could repay me. I let him know that I am a WCU graduate and to pay it forward. Go Catamounts!!!

Lost and Found in Lakemont Georgia

  • from Sylva (North Carolina, United States)

Today I received a call while at the hospital visiting my husband. It was an Atlanta number and it was a bad connection. I hung up and they called back. I asked who are you and what do you want. He said I found you on RingFinders. I was like yes I am a ring finder and will call you back shortly as I just got to the hospital. I did and he told me he had lost a very special ring. I asked “Do you know where?” He said right where I am standing on the dock. He then said “it’s not to deep, about 4 feet”. He told me he was at Rabun lake. I told him it was an hour home, then an hour there and I wasn’t leaving the hospital for an hour so would see him between 3:30 and 4:30 this afternoon. I arrived just after 3:30 and introduced myself. He showed me where it fell off his finger, right off the side of the dock. I asked if he lost it today and he said no last night about 2am. I thought oh here we go again. I got in the water with my ATPro, scoop and Garrett carrot and it was a little deeper then planned. I think I actually pushed it out with my scoop, so I put my 6 inch coil right on top of it swimming to the deep side and literally had to wade water and stand on the scoop, pushing it toward the steps. Once I could stand I pulled the scoop up and there she was. It was about the 6th scoop. I said “I got it” He said “You got it?” and I said. “Yes, I got it!!” Turns out he had called other RingFinder’s but no one was willing to go out today to look and that is how he choose me, in another state. When he brought up what he owed me, I said “What is it worth to you?” he replied a million dollars. I told him neither he nor I had that, so my minimal fee was 25.00 to cover my gas and what ever he thought it was worth. He told me he would make it worth my time and he did. Now I wonder maybe he had a million dollars lol as he didn’t blink an eye when I told him he didn’t have it.



Lost and Found in East Laport, NC

  • from Sylva (North Carolina, United States)

I detected a friends house the state had just taken by imminent domain and bulldozed. After many days of detecting I found this 3rd Calvary Army ring on the property one day. Turns out it belonged to her father-in-law. He didn’t remember when it was lost. It took a few months to return it due to health issues, but he was one happy man when I did.