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Lost and Found in East Laport, NC

  • from Cullowhee (North Carolina, United States)

I detected a friends house the state had just taken by imminent domain and bulldozed. After many days of detecting I found this 3rd Calvary Army ring on the property one day. Turns out it belonged to her father-in-law. He didn’t remember when it was lost. It took a few months to return it due to health issues, but he was one happy man when I did.

Lost and Found in Waynesville, NC

  • from Cullowhee (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from a coworker that her son had lost his grandmothers gold ring in their yard. About 45 minutes bingo! Found Memorial Day weekend 2020. 

Cullowhee: Western North Carolina

  • from Cullowhee (North Carolina, United States)

I’m here to make it happen! All we can do is try. I’m located in the mountains of western NC and have returned two rings to date. Hopefully, that number will increase. I have also recently returned a pre Vietnam dog tag. I am at your beck and call. Barb