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Lost Set of keys in Rathdrum Idaho…FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I often wonder if the stories about The Ring Finders that I share with people ever stick in their memory banks. After reciving a text message about lost keys from an old co-worker, I knew that my story telling had paid off. George, the old co-worker, had been playing in the snow with his family. After a few flips and snow balls thrown, his keys went missing.  George looked and dug in the snow that day and the next morning without finding the keys. As he sat in the snow pondering how to get his keys back, he remembered a guy he had worked with that metal detected. A quick text reconnected our paths and I made my way to Idaho to find his lost keys.  After saying “hi” to George’s newborn baby girl, we both made our way up to where they were playing. The search area was where they had made foot prints and body prints in the two and a half feet of snow. I made a quick pass around the outside of the tracks without hearinga single signal. Near the middle of the tracks I got a negative signal. George started digging where I pinpointed.  He quickly uncovered his keys. Saving George three hundred dollars for the replacement cost of his car key and seeing a friend again, was well worth the trip.