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Lost Subaru Key Fob… Recovered from Steep Slope in Oakland, CA

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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It’s not too often I get calls about lost keys or key fobs, let alone from a 10 year old, but on Monday May 6th that all changed.  The young boy requested that I come look for a set of keys that found their way off of a deck and onto a slope covered with ivy, blackberry, and other organic debris.  Of course I asked if the young boy would be assisting me and that I had an extra metal detector that I’d be glad to share.  Excitedly, we scheduled the search the following afternoon after school had gotten out.

It took 30 minutes or so to make my way to Oakland, CA were the key fob made it’s way into the wilds.  Upon arrival, I met the family including mom, dad, and several siblings.  They showed me to the scene of the mishap and explained that while swinging a rope the boy accidentally struck the keys sending them into the void below.  A search ensued but produced no results.  My first thoughts were that I asked a young 10 year old boy to assist me and now was looking at a very steep and hazardous looking slope entangled in ivy and blackberry vines.  But after producing my back-up machine to the boy and a garret pin-pointer to another sibling, there was no turning back.

The four of us, myself, the two boys, and dad (who was assisting by removing thorny blackberry vines from the slope) started a hasty search of the steep hillside.  The boys were excited every time the metal detectors sounded off and they quickly set out to discover what had made the machine scream out.  The hillside was riddled with targets like bottle caps, pull tabs, aluminum cans, and a large number of other interesting items. After about 20 minutes of looking, dad said that he may have saw something on the slope while pulling out vines and the two boys rushed to confirm the presence of the object.  First the young boy with the metal detector confirmed something metallic, then the sibling with the pin-pointer narrowed the search.  Moments later, with a bit of careful probing, WE MADE THE RECOVERY!

After a short celebration our little crew, and now mom and other siblings, collected on flatter ground for a little exploration and metal detecting.  For another 30 minutes or so we located and dug a plethora of targets, mostly do-dads and trash, but everyone was having a fun and educational experience.  Overall, the search for the wayward key fob and mini-hunt that followed was hugely successful.  Thank you kindly for allowing me to provide this service, I always love to get those willing and able involved into the search and having an interactive experience.

This was our target today!

A substitute picture of myself for the book of smiles!

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Key and Key Fob lost in San Ramon, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When Bethany awoke early Saturday morning to check in at work, it is doubtful she could imagine the absurdly frustrating events that would play out once she arrived.  The parking lot was near empty. She backed into a nice space close to the building, collected her things and got out of the vehicle.  Upon closing the door the preposterous action occurred.  The keys she held in her hand while shutting the car door were flung from her hands and directly into a bush.

Bethany, a very sweet and sensible young woman, had no doubt she would recover these items quickly and be on her way.  Four hours later, after combing and climbing through the large bush, she still had not located her keys. That is when a quick google search connected her to page.  She found that I was the closest individual that might be able to assist her using metal detecting equipment to search for the wayward keys.

I would not make it there for about an hour, but once I arrived I met young Bethany and the giant bush next to her vehicle.  After a brief description of the events that took place and her previous actions, I provided her with a pin pointer and I, myself, started scanning the top and sides of the vegetation with the Equinox.  After 10 minutes or so, I caught a signal very near to the door she closed.  It was at about chest height and a visual inspection revealed her set of keys within the bush.  We had made the recovery!!!

Thanks for the call Bethany!  I’m so glad we put an end to your little nightmare, and I can only hope your day got way better moving forward!


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