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Diamond Stud Earring Lost in Beach Sand for Three Weeks .. Found at Huntington State Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




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*** John called me asking if metal detectors can find a small gold stud earring lost in the sand.  Have one detector that I purchased just for this type search. It is still not an easy type search. My favorite saying is, “ You can’t find it if you don’t try”.

I didn’t ask very many questions about how the loss occurred, because it happened at Huntington State Beach which is 4 miles away from my base. Also, John could be there to show me location where his daughter lost the earring while she removed her face mask.

We met later that afternoon where John had a 25’x 25’ area laid out in the dry sand. I set up my detector to the highest frequency and began a grid search. I also made sure that John knew this was a very difficult type search because the small amount of metal on a diamond stud earring without a backing. We did not have the other earring to check my settings of my detector. He was understanding but felt his daughter would appreciate that we did search for her precious sentimental earring.

As I was grid searching the site, John mentioned, to my surprise that the loss happened three weeks ago. This was a game changer. Much foot traffic and patrol truck tire marks in the sand could have put the earring out of detecting range.

I started a cross grid over the small search location as John was kicking through the sand. “BOOM” a small but clear signal and a miracle find. The small diamond stud earring was in me sifting scoop. ( fine mesh cat litter scoop). If John soul have told me it was lost 3 weeks before, I may not have tried the search. Just goes to show you, “you can’t find it if you don’t try”.

Another memorable find and I know that John’s daughter will appreciate that her dad found me to do the search.

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