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Lost wedding ring found in water at the Pinery

  • from London (Ontario, Canada)

After 2 weeks away from his lost wedding ring, this couple had found me on the ring finders site. He had been in waist water off the beach where his wedding ring slipped off. There had been a number of windy days and big waves so I told him not to get his hopes up too much, but for sure we would give it a go. A beautiful day presented itself, and we were off to the beach. While 20 minutes into my search pattern, I received the signal, and the only signal! After a few attempts digging with my scoop, the ring came up from deep in the sand in all its glory! It was a great find, and a great day on the beach!




Lost Ring near Grand Bend Ontario

Received a call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost his ring near grand bend. The story sounded promising so we decided it would be worth the 2 hour drive.
After a couple hours on the road we m et with him and he showed us the approximate location, we had to swim out with all of our gear past a deep section to get to the shallower water where a football was being thrown the day before.
Within moments of being shown the location of where the ring had fallen off I had a strong beep so told the owner “I have a good beep here but it might not be the ring” as to not get his hopes up that fast. Sure enough when I looked down into the sand sifting basket I saw gold sitting in the bottom.

Another happy customer!