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Highland Park Beach Ring found in water

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received an email at 1:54 AM to look for a gold enameled wedding ring. It came off in the water, the sand or by a bench. The only thing certain was that it was gone. The couple were visiting from Germany and would be leaving Chicago in about5 days. She had put on suntan lotion and the ring came off at the beach. They knew the different areas that they had been sitting. They had moved to different locations at the beach. She had gone back and forth into the water. She said that she had not gone into deep water. So I first started in the sand where they had first been situated. Nothing! Since the beach had small rocks in some areas, I thought that had the ring fallen off there it would be visible. The water was calm and I thought that the water was the most likely spot. I searched the water chest high. I had wadders and she said it was not deep. Nothing! I worked my way toward shore where there were lost of small rocks. In about two feet of water, in the rocky section I got a hard hit with my CTX. I could look down and saw nothing. I used my handheld waterproof pinpointer to find the area. still didn’t see anything. Pushed some of the rocks away with the pinpointer and there was the ring!! Its always great to make people happy.