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Heirloom Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost on Valentines Day 2021

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Ally’s third generation wedding ring lost on Valentines Day 2021.

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Alley contacted me asking for some assistance in locating her third generation heirloom gold diamond wedding ring lost on Valentines Day 2021. She told me that she had a dinner date with her husband that evening at a Mexican restaurant. She remembered having her ring on her hand before leaving the house. Before they left the house she went out to her third story balcony and quickly brushed the snow off a potted plant. At first this sounded like the action that took her ring off her finger.

However as I continued asking questions she provided additional details worth considering. I asked her if she had used any hand sanitizer on her hands after dinner at the Mexican restaurant. She told me she did use a lot of sanitizer but didn’t remember taking her ring off. In fact she thought she still had her ring on her finger at this point in the story. 

After they made it back home she remembers taking a heavy knit sweater off and placing it in her laundry area. She said she also had concerns for her close dryer as it was making some clinking noises she was not used to having heard before.

With all this information I was prepared to check multiple places. Being at their apartment I started with the laundry system searching for diligently for their third generation family heirloom wedding ring that was missing in action. Be sure to watch, like, share and subscribe to the video to find out the exciting conclusion of this lost rings recovery. 

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