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Lost Texas A&M Class Ring in Friendswood, Texas found by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring in Friendswood, Texas found by John Volek@The Ring Finders-Houston
I was contacted by Dillon a resident of Friendswood, Texas who was looking for someone to help him find his lost Texas A&M Class Ring
Dillon reported while playing baseball with some family members at his parent’s house in Friendswood, he lost his class ring. Dillon stated he had removed his ring and placed it into one of his pants pockets while playing ball…Dillon said at the conclusion of the game he realized his ring was missing from his pocket.
Dillon said he and family members searched for hours before realizing the task might require some additional help. Dillon said a little internet search and he came across The Ring Finders (Houston, Texas)-Houston Metal Detecting Services and placed the call.
Dillon outlined all the details and sent some photos of the area he believed needed to be searched. Arrangements were made to meet Dillon that afternoon.
Check out the video to see the recovery of Dillian’s Texas A&M Class Ring.






































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