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Lost Ring in Clio, Michigan.

  • from Clio (Michigan, United States)

My name is Bob Gubbins I’m looking forward to helping you find your lost ring in and around the Flint, Clio Michigan area.¬† I want to help you with finding your lost treasure, ¬†give me a call I’m looking forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever!!!


Lost Wedding Band at Abbotsford Construction Site…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Just yesterday around 3 pm I received a call from a young man that lost his wedding band at a construction site in Abbotsford.I quickly called our other member from Abbotsford to see if he wanted to do it as it would be nice for him to get some practise but I never heard back from him so I made arrangements to meet Chris who lost his ring that evening.Abbotsford is a good hour drive for me so by the time I got off work and grabbed my equipment and met Chris at a gas station it was 10 pm. I followed him to the construction site where I signed in and followed him to his job site where his ring was lost. We looked over the 2 possibilities and we both felt that the ring was lost at the 2nd location. I grabbed my light to do the interview and off I went to search for the ring… It only took a minute to get a signal and a huge Smile! I feel just as excited to find the ring as the person I find it for!  Chris was so very happy, he called his wife who sounded very excited and emotional that the ring was found!It’s so refreshing to see what a ring means to a man as we know how emotional the ladies get when I recover their lost rings. Chris loved his ring very much and loved the lady who gave it to him and I’m so glad I was able to continue their story! Thank you for the kind reward Chris!I love my Job!Lost Something? Call me ASAPYou can watch the recovery below…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5P30Aaj8ak