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Crystal Cove Metal Detector Service Found and Returned Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand

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Beach Metal Detector Service available at Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA. helped a couple of tourists find a gold wedding band lost in the sand…  Available to help you now… Call Stan Ross ..  949-500-2136

**** George and Sarah had been at Crystal Cove State Beach which is located in the city of Newport Beach, CA. They had met friends that evening for dinner and a few drinks at the Beachcomber Resturant. They took a walk on the beach after dinner. George had made a gesture with his hand and his loose-fitting wedding band flew off his finger into the dry sand.

Six people spent most of an hour searching the sand in the dark with no results. Then one of them did a google search that gave turned up my contact information on the ring finders website.

It’s less than a five mile drive for me so we met shortly after talking on the phone. This would have been nearly impossible without the benefit of cellphones and google search.

The other members of the group went back to the bar to enjoy their adult beverages. Sarah and George walked me to the location and we had the ring minutes after I turned on my metal detector. Part of their evening was disrupted but they were still able to enjoy the rest of the evening with their friends. 

I know we could have found the ring the next day. It would have involved a separate 40 mile trip for Sarah or George plus a whole night of worrying about the loss of a very sentimental keepsake. Some people have jobs or obligations that prevent them from meeting up to show me the general locations. Many times I’ll ask for a Google map screen shot or a Google map pin marker to get me to the general location when they are unable to meet me.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”… Finding your valuables is important to me .. Call now !  Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. Email: