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Lost Ring…Corona Del Mar Beach, CA.. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Tuesday.. July 09,2013

Today was going to be my day to catch up on my emails and surf the metal detector websites. I got a call from Mathew at 8:30am. His wife, Lindsay had lost her ring last night near the fire rings at Corona Del Mar City Beach. When she took off her sweater she felt her ring fall off into the sand. They had spent the evening sifting the sand with a house window screen without success. He had found The RingFinders on a google search for lost rings and after calling one of our members in Delaware. He found my name in the California cities of our directory. After telling me what had happened and the general area it was dropped, he wanted to know how our service worked. I told him not to worry. I was only 2 miles from where the ring was lost. He seemed to be concerned if he could trust me. I told him I have found and returned many valuable pieces of jewelery and I don’t need another ring. The most important thing is to get over to the location before the sand sifting machine or another detectorist finds the ring without having his contact information. Mathew gave me a more detailed discription of the location and I jumped in my truck and was at Corona Del Mar Beach within ten minutes. Another ten minutes of swingging the detector and I had a beautiful platinum diamond ring in my scoop.. Ring found 30 minutes after phone call.

I sent Mathew a text message with a picture of Lindsay’s platinum ring. He drove 25 miles to meet me on the beach to pick up the ring. I got to metal detect around the rest of the fire rings on this beautiful morning with people asking me if I found anything good today. Of course I give my standard answer, ” It’s not too good today, a few quaters, dimes and lots of pull tabs”  I’m busting to tell everybody but it makes for too much attention..

When Mathew got there he came up to me and gave me a Big “John Wayne hug”.. I know now,  what a “Real Thank You” sounds like.  I told him a few other ring find stories and wished he and his wife Lindsay the best of luck.  After he left I got a phone call from Lindsay thanking me for finding her ring.. I love meeting new people . I believe that people are put into your life for a special reason.

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