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White gold rind recovered from Commerce City park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Patrick was out playing in the local park with his son with a boomerang type toy. Being afraid of losing his ring, Patrick took off his ring and placed it in his son’s hat which was on the ground. As they were bringing their play time to an end, Patrick’s son went to pick up his hat when he noticed it was crawling with ants so he gave his hat a kick. And with that Patrick’s ring went flying and disappeared into the grass. Patrick went to a local metal detector store and rented a detector. After several minutes of searching he had not found his ring and ended up calling me for help. Luckily I was only a couple of minutes away and even though I was running late for a dinner date with friends and my wife I couldn’t resist helping out.

After 15 minutes of searching my CTX gave me a nice ring signal, there sat Patrick’s ring peeking out of the grass. Quickly we gave high-fives and snapped a couple of photos so that I could race home to my diner date.

Ring Recovered 10-10-15

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