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Found Gold Wedding Ring Saved From Landfill Bremerton WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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I was contacted by a woman that realized her wedding ring went missing. She told me she had recently been in her yard the day prior with damp cold hands raking leaves. She believes her ring may have fallen off during her yard work and wanted a specialist to come do a search for her ring. She lost a single custom made 14k yellow gold wedding band with a solitaire diamond and some tourmalines. She had no inclination of when or where the ring slipped off so after a detailed investigative chat with her I formulated a game plan. I prioritized my areas of search base on the areas she worked in the yard, spent the majority of her time and paid special attention to where she took her work gloves off. Her yard not all that big still had plenty of hiding spots for a dainty wedding ring as any yard does. Knowing that these searches are not always a quick process I wasted no time in getting straight to work clearing areas of interest one after another. After quite a long detailed search process the ring was found in the scariest of places. To think this ring could have been carted off the property for ever. Never a more satisfying feeling than when you recover a precious ring so close to being lost forever! To know we saved another precious wedding ring makes for a great day. The woman was grateful to have received her ring back and I am happy to have been a part of the recovery process. Watch the exciting video to see the detailed search as it progresses and the surprising recovery of this beautiful wedding ring.


Jeff Morgan