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Searching for “Benjamin and Cecilia 10-09-16” Lost Ring

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Searching for “Benjamin and Cecilia 10-09-16” Lost Ring

I was contact by Cameron Jones from Iowa who told me he had recently been on a vacation to in Key Largo, Florida. Cameron said while on vacation he took a snorkeling trip to a popular dive location off of Key Largo. He said while snorkeling at this location he found and recovered a wedding ring that had been lodged in some coral. Cameron said the dive site was far from shore, and likely lost by another person from a previous excursion. Cameron said he has tried to find the owner…posting on Facebook with no success…additional research brought him to The Ring Finders.

The inscription reads “Benjamin and Cecilia 10-09-16” followed by two very unique symbols.

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