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Unexpected Wave Washes Cellphone into the Sand at Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA.

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**** I received a call, asking for help to find a cellphone that was lost in the sand at Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point,CA. Saagar and his wife had driven from Los Angeles to enjoy the day day at the beach. All Los Angeles beaches were closed because of the pandemic.

The surf was very violent that day and they had set up their blanket and chairs back away from the wet sand. After a couple hours they were surprised by a rouge wave that came up to wash all their belongings all over the area. His cellphone phone couldn’t be found. It definitely had to be buried in the sand. 

This happened in the late evening, making it more difficult to search. The loss happened way up the high side of the beach, so the phone didn’t get pulled into the ocean. They returned the next morning to have a frustrating two hours of searching by dragging their fingers through the sand.

I was called and after having to park more than a mile away, I was able to walk to their location on the beach.  It didn’t take much time  to find the phone just outside the area they marked out for me. It was amazing how deep the phone had sunk into the fine soft sand. (Probably 4 to 5 inches deep)

It’s always interesting to see the surprised reaction of the people when they realize how close they were to finding their lost item. The important thing is the all important cellphone was found and still working.


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