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Lost in Snow a 22K Yellow Gold Recovered in Schaumburg, Illinois.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

The first snow of the season, although a bit early, creates another opportunity to help someone. Received a call that his wife had lost her 22K gold wedding band while walking in the first snow of the season. Even though it was late afternoon, they wanted me to come. I figured maybe 2 hours before sunset, so I was a little concerned.

I arrives at 3:58 and left at 4:10. Not a bad hunt! The husband had a similar ring, so I was able to get a reading. Her name was in raised letters, so I will not show that. I used my AT Gold detector with a large coil. As you can see this was not a small thin ring!! Usually in my experience, gold rings ring up in the 44-55 range. This ring, because of the 22K, rang up in the 69-75 range. Just a note for AT Gold users.