Ring Lost at Crescent Beach, Siesta Key. SRARC recovers it.

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Ring Lost at Crescent Beach, Siesta Key. SRARC recovers it.

Amanda and Sam visited us from Nebraska for a little spring warm up. It was a special place to them and they were happy to be back once again. Sam had something special in mind as they went to Siesta Key Crescent Beach. They laid out their blanket and beach things and then he got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Amanda. What a surprise!!!!, but Amanda was all in and said “YES”. They talked excitedly about their future and then decided to venture into the water. A short 30 minutes after Sam slide an engagement ring onto her finger, Amanda was hit by a wave and the ring slipped off her finger into the sand and disappeared. They searched but could not find it and with sad hearts they finally returned to their house. Amanda googled “how to find a lost ring” and Ring Finders popped up and she found SRARC and contacted us. Mike Miller was assigned the recovery and he met them on the beach the following morning. It was very rough but he tried anyway but after about 10 minutes later it was clear he could not continue. He kept checking the surf every day and finally 3 days later he was able to hunt and after about and hour he found the ring. Mike called Amanda from the beach and they were still in town so he arranged to meet them. After returning the ring Amanda told Mike the story about the proposal for the first time which is what makes this story so special. They were all smiles and were returning home the next day with a story that will last them a life time.

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