Massive Gold Necklace Recovered!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

Got a call from a fellow Ring Finder that could not respond to this lost necklace request and I contacted the owner and set up a meeting. The owner (Rodney) decided to do a flip at the beach in 4 foot of water! The necklace was lost. Sometimes chains can be difficult to find but not one this BIG! After about 15 minutes I knew I had a good hit. I showed it to Rodney in the Xtreme scoop and he was ecstatic! I found out that the medallion and necklace was given to him by his friend the basketball star Allen Iverson and it was appraised 14 years ago for over $13,000! My most expensive gold find! Over 107 grams of white gold with over 4 carats of diamonds! Video will be on Gigmaster on youtube in about a week.