Surfer Loses Hierloom Gold Ring in the Surf at Huntington Beach, CA. .. Metal Detector Man Recovers and Returns the Sentimental Ring

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*** Alex had been surfing at Huntington City Beach when he felt his very special hierloom ring slip off his finger into the ocean. It was passed down to Alex from his dad. It meant the world to Alex.

Surfers rings are usually lost too far out to get them a low tides. Especially at Huntington Beach, CA. I looked at the next best low tides to have the optimum chance to find the ring. I would need Alex to be there to guide me in the general location.

We met the next morning at 5am when the parking lots opened. Alex was there with his mother. As we walked onto the beach it was still dark. I tried to be honest with Alex about our chances of finding the ring at this particular beach, considering he was surfing when the loss occurred. We had three things going for us. One, he felt the ring come off.
Two, he was on the inside set of braking waves. Three, he was there to point me in the right direction.

I turned on my metal detector walking straight out till I got to knee deep water. Then I turned to my right to begin scanning parallel to the waves. Three steps to the north “BOOM” first target in the scoop was Alex’s ring. His mother was near me so I passed her the ring to make sure it was the correct ring. It was still dark so she took it over to Alex who had a flashlight. They both came over to me in shock not believing what had just  happened. 

I find rings lost in the ocean a couple days after they have been lost, but not in the first 2 or 3 minutes os a search. Another awesome recovery for the Metal Detector Man. 

These quick finds are always special especially when they are long shots. Just to be realistic, I need to tell you that I have been on more than three unsuccessful searches in the last month that were more than four hours each. WIN SOME! LOSE SOME !

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