Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in the Sand at Huntington Beach, CA. ..Found and Returned by the Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










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… Daisy and Brandon were at Huntington Beach, CA. enjoying the day on the beach when their day was disrupted by the loss of her diamond engagement ring. She didn’t feel it come off her finger but they were both sure that the ring was in the sand

Brandon was advised by someone on the beach about TheRingFinders metal detectin service. He located me by using his smart phone to get my contact information. I live less than 7 miles from where they at on the beach. I grabbed my equipment and was able to meet them at the location. 

We love these type searches because they were able to stay on the beach where they had been all day. Once someone leaves the probable area of the loss, it may take longer to find where they had been than it actually takes to find the ring with a metal detector.

I set up my detector beginning my grid search and within a few minutes the beautiful white gold with a sparkling diamond was in the scoop.

Both Daisy and Brandon were grateful telling me they had no idea this service existed. They thanked me but I told them they really should give thanks to the bystanders that recommended they call a member of TheRingFinders.

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