Laguna Beach Skimboarder Loses Gold Wedding Ring in Surf ... Found and Returned by RingFinder

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*** Nick was skimboarding in a cove at Laguna Beach, CA. when his gold wedding band came off his finger and disappeared into the surf. Skimboarding is a board sport performed on the steep wet sandy slope in shallow surf as the wave recedes. This would give us a good chance to find the ring at the next low tide.

Nick had questioned me about his chances to find the ring if he took a rented metal detector to search for it himself. He felt it couldn’t be that difficult to use a metal detector. I explained to him that rental metal detectors are usually effective in salt water sand. Also, it is not practical to learn how to operate a metal detector while trying to find something as important as his wedding ring.

I made arrangements with Nick and his wife Ami to meet me at the location. I had a simple pulse induction metal detector that I could let him use while the both of us searched the 12:30am low tide. I even had an extra sand scoop that is important if you are trying to retrieve a target.

After giving Nick and Ami a quick lesson, we took off on our separate grid searches. I could see them struggle when they had to dig the few targets they did find. Nick did learn that the metal detector was not so easy learn. After about 40 minutes  my detector got a great signal outside the zone that Nick believed his loss had  happened. 

When I scooped the ring they were 100 feet from me. Walking back to the couple , I asked Nick if he thought the ring could be further out. Then I held the scoop with his ring in it for him to see. He and Ami were amazed and gave me the “Oh My God “ salute. They are a beautiful couple. It was a pleasure to help them out.


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