Lost Wedding Ring From Beach Chair at Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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Nathan and Jessica had driven 70 miles from Vista, CA. to spend Sunday at Huntington Beach, CA. They got there early giving them a chance to locate close to the pier where they could take advantage of the great surf conditions. 

Nathan was careful to take his white gold wedding ring off placing it in the pocket of his beach chair. They finished their day and drove the two hours home before discovering that the ring was missing. 

Now it was too late to return to the beach where they suspected the ring was lost in the sand. Jessica went in to action mode. She found my contact information online and called me. 

Knowing it was impossible for them to meet me at the beach, we talked about what happened. Jessica gave me exact landmarks as to where they had been sitting on the beach 5 hours before. 4o feet north of lifeguard tower #6, lined up with the backside of the tower, there is a barrel type trash can, it should be about 10 feet to the right of the trash can. 

I drove the eight miles found a parking place in the city beach parking lot ( not always an easy task). Grabbed my detector and sand scoop walked over to the location. Several people were watching as the beach still had people hanging out. I turned on my machine doing a short grid search. Boom! Great sound of gold in my earphones. Scooped the target and put it in my pocket. 

I walked away from the towel line to take a better look at the ring and take photos. Then I called Jessica with the good news. They both work so we set up a meeting for the next Saturday where I was able to return their very special ring. We had an awesome visit where they told me how much this ring meant to them. It was definitely a pleasure to be able to help Jessica and Nathan find their ring.

Timing is important, call as soon as possible. Our suc rate is better if you can meet me at the location . If not able to meet at the location, try to get the best landmarks and /or photos help get to,the general area,


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