Young Girl Lost Her First Ring in the Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Paula, her husband and her daughter Nisa were at Little Corona DelMar Beach which is located in Newport Beach, CA. Nisa put her small very special ring in her shoe while they were playing in the ocean. When they were leaving she carried her belongings to the showers about 50 yards up the walkway ramp. That’s were Nisa remembered to get the ring from the shoe. No Ring in the shoe.

They were in the car on the way home when Nisa’s mother, Paula called me. I told them I could meet them there in 20 minutes. We walked down to the small beach and I set up my detector 30 ft. from the area Paula was pointing out as the most likely place for the loss to happen. I did a few practice swings before walking over the spot. Guess, what ? The ring was right where I set up my practice swings.

A happy family that found TheRingFinders service and came back to the beach to help their little girl find a most cherished little silver ring. Check out that smile.


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