Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Set While Boogie Boarding .. Venice Beach, CA. .. Found at Low Tide

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Marcos lives in San Francisco. He was in Venice Beach visiting his parents. While he was here they had a big get together with best friends, Lisa and her husband Aleks.

That after noon they spent at the beach where Lisa had the misfortune to lose both her platinum wedding ring and diamond engagement ring. She was riding the waves using a boogie board. Just as she finished riding a wave when the board tipped over and when she came up both rings had slipped off her fingers. Panic and their day had ended in tragically.

That evening Marcos found me through TheRingFinders website. He told me the story and I asked a few questions. There was a low tide near midnight but Venice Beach at that time isn’t the place to be out alone on the beach. We caught the next early morning low tide with Marcos giving great directions of where they were located.

I told Marcos that this could take some time. He was staying very close so I would call him if I find the rings.

Before a half hour passed I got the first good signal Boom! one platinum diamond engagement ring. Three feet away Boom! one platinum wedding band. In less than 18 hours they had already settled about 7 or 8 inches in this fine mushy sand.

Marcos met me on the beach taking photos of the rings to send to Lisa and Aleks. They immediately verified that these were their rings and I was able to talk to Lisa. It was great to hear such excitement as joy on the cellphone while standing on the beach where the rings were found.

Twenty years ago, I would have had to find a public pay phone that worked. To make that phone call.

The internet and all this new technology helped save these sentimental rings from being lost forever. Awesome!