Lost Platinum Ring with Tourmaline Stone at El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Timothy had been at El Matador State Beach for an early morning walkout. He came to a place where the beach had eroded creating a five foot embankment. When he jumped to the lower level, he feel backward with his hands in the sand. Right away he noticed his unique Platinum/Palladium with a Tourmaline Stone was not on his finger. After spending time searching the small area he started to second guess himself. Possibly he had left his ring at home that morning?

Timothy called me explaining his story. He was on his way to check his house that was only a half hour away. We still had time to search the beach location but soon it would be high tide. My drive would take an hour and a half so I started the drive. Timothy had given me great directions as to where he had been at the beach. I believed I could find location without him meeting me there.

After arriving and not hearing anything from Timothy about his search at his home, I went down the many stairs to beach walking about a quarter mile till a found the embankment he described to me over the phone. Then I began searching with my metal detector. There was several places where the sand was knocked down which may bury a ring out of range of my detector. This time we were lucky and I got the signal I was looking for, a Big Bang. at the bottom of my sand scoop was Timothy’s awesome ring.

I sent him a text with a photo of his ring. We set up a meeting place which was on my way home and near where he lives. We had a nice visit and he kept looking at his ring that made me feel this was very special to him. It was pleasure to meet him and help him find his sentimental ring.