Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in Surf at Malibu, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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Alice lost her platinum with diamonds engagement ring in the surf at a Malibu, CA. beach. She contacted me about 10pm that night. We discussed what happened when she felt her ring slip from her finger. I looked up the hight of the tide when the loss occurred and that she was only knee deep in the small waves.

The next low tide would give us a chance to find the ring. It’s impossible to keep track of the sand conditions of all the beaches of Southern California. Sand conditions vary from day to day. It would be different if we were searching a lake or inside a back bay. I wanted to be honest with Alice, so I told her we had a 50-50 chance to find her ring.

When I met both Alice and her husband, Nareg they were very emotional and had been up most the night. They had returned to the beach that night with a rake, trying to retrieve the ring dragging the rake in the surf.  

I purposely did not want to search before the tide was at its lowest. It is not worth taking the risk of losing a ring, while trying to retrieve it in heavy surf conditions. 

Alice went to buy some sunscreen while Nareg watched me start my grid search. I eliminated the high area of the slopping beach. Then I started a grid from the top of the slope into knee deep water. After finding 3 pieces of trash metal I dug another target that rattled when it hit the bottom of my sand scoop. Yes! The beautiful platinum diamond ring was glimmering in the bottom of the scoop. 

I walked up and surprised Nareg. Then he was able to take the ring to surprise Alice when she returned from her shopping trip. One photo I posted is the moment Nareg held the ring out to Alice. It was an awesome morning and such a pleasure to help both Alice and Nareg find their ring.


If you lost anything in a public place , Please Call or Text   “As Soon As Possible” .. Emails sometimes cause a delay.




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  1. Griff says:

    Nice job Stan! Beautiful ring. It never gets old seeing the surprise on people’s faces.

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