Lost Engagement Ring in the Sand at Long Beach, CA. .. Found Next Day

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













Courtney had lost her engagement ring while taking a trip to Long Beach, CA.with her son. It was a 90 mile trip from where they live and was a great day at the beach until she got home realizing that her white gold engagement ring was missing. She had taken it off at the beach tying it to thin string handle of her beach bag for safekeeping. 

After double checking inside of her beach bag and frantically checking her car, she believed that it may have fallen in the sand while removing things during the day. 

Determined to find the ring, the next day Courtney found a place to rent a metal detector and made the drive of more than two hours to search for her ring. After more than half a day with the rental detector and being totally frustrated, Courtney did an internet search where she found TheRingFinders.com getting my contact information.

I was able to meet her on the beach within a half hour. She had read a few of my blog stories and said she wanted see me work my magic. I told her, if the ring was there I could find it. It could have been lost in several places, she had eliminated the car and her beach bag. Now we could try the sandy beach which is the best possibility for a ring to hide if it were dropped at the beach.

I set up my metal detector and did a few practice swings away from the search area. After three 20 ft grid lines “BOOM” … Courtney’s very special engagement ring in my sand scoop. Then giving it to her the great smile followed by tears of joy. What a special moment that never gets old for me to witness. Another successful ring recovery that could have had gone either way. There were so many places the ring could have been lost.

If you lost anything in a public place , Please Call or Text   “As Soon As Possible” .. Emails sometimes cause a delay.