Lost Celphone Found at an Equestrian Center .. Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










James  lost his cellphone while working at an equestrian boarding stables in Huntington Beach, CA. He had been driving a tractor using it to spread mulch over a large field. His cell phone was on the seat next to him. Some time during the morning his phone slipped off the seat into the field.

When James got a hold of me, he was just returning from buying a replacement phone. He asked if I could help search for his lost Iphone. It was a large area with several piles of soft wood chip mulch that could hide a phone. He believed that he mace have damaged the phone but would like to have a chance to retrieve information that he had not backed up, if we could find it.

James drove me to the search area walking through all the possible places the phone could be. Then he pointed out one pile that he thought was the most likely and I started there. It was just a place where he remembered hearing an unusual sound hit the floor of his tractor, several hours before discovering the loss of his phone.

James put me right on the spot and within the first 10 minutes my detector came up with a strong signal that turned out to be his phone in perfect condition. We though we might be looking for a phone that probably got damaged by any of the vehicles or the tractor. 

James was amazed and thankful that his phone was found so easily. I know we had a lot of luck going for this search.


If you lost anything in a public place , Please Call or Text   “As Soon As Possible” .. Emails sometimes cause a delay.