Lost iPhone in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Chloe and her friends spent 3 hours searching the soft dry sand for her iPhone at Tower 22 in Newport Beach, CA. . Even though thay had activated the Find My IPhone app, the phone had stayed hidden below the sand.

One of Chloe’s friends found my contact information online. When I received the call, I was in my car with my metal detectors a couple miles away from them. The parking lot was full but just as I got to their location a space was open within 25 yards of where they were waiting for me.

The sun was setting and it was beginning to get cold. I started a grid search using my XP Deus metal detector. The phone was found within a few minutes probably 15 to 20ft south of the GPS location. Chloe was ecstatic and very grateful to have her phone back in her hands. All of her friends were also excited about the find after all the energy they burned up trying to find the phone. The smile tells it all.