Lost House Key .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Carol was taking care of her friend’s house and dogs while they were on vacation. After locking dead bolt lock on the door from the outside, she walked to her car parked on the street. That’s where she noticed only house key she had was missing from her key fob.
Carol’s mother, Debbie came to help her look for the key. After two frustrating hours they were unable to locate the single key. Most of the short walk to the car was cement except for about 40 feet of grass between the sidewalk and the street.
When they contacted me I was only a mile away. We met about 20 minutes after the call. After hearing Carol’s story, I planned to eliminate the grass area first using my normal metal detector. Then I would take my hand held pinpointer detector to search the small planters in the patio entry area.
A neighbor saw me with the metal detector and joined in on the search by visually searching the patio area. Bingo, the key had dropped into a planter and the neighbor was able to see it before I got out my pinpointer. The important thing was Carol had her key back so she could feed the dogs.
This call was a referral from Steve Smith a fellow member of TheRingFinders metal detector service.