White Gold Wedding Band .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found in Water

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

My friend Adriano was doing a ring search at Marina Del Rey Mother’s Beach. The ring had been in a pocket inside a 6 man outrigger canoe. The person that lost the ring was 99 % sure the ring had fallen into the water when they tipped the canoe over to carry it to the storage area.
Adriano asked my opinion on hunting in an area with a lot of electrical interference.. I asked if I could help because it was sounded like a real learning challenge .. I took my CTX and he uses Excal.. There was a pvc electrical conduit running through the primary search area. It was surprising that 15 feet each side of the conduit the interference made it almost impossible to get a signal. By turning my sensitivity down I was able to calm my machine down enough to get much closer to the conduit. It would still be possible to detect a shallow ring. After a couple hours with two of us grid searching (no ring).
Then a guy who had been out with his kayak asked what we were looking for..? We told him and he replied, “I HAVE IT”. It sounded like he was joking or I didn’t hear him correctly.
He told us that in the morning as he got into his kayak, he found it in the water an hour before we got there. He had been thinking of some way to find the owner and was glad to give it to Adriano if he could return it to the owner. We made sure the man that lost the ring had contact information for the man that found the ring.

Moral to this story is you never know how things come together to make a successful search.