Diamond Ring Lost in Surf .. Balboa Pier, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Dana called me asking if I was available to help her friend find an diamond engagement ring lost in the sand near the Balboa pier. Her friend Candace had been posing for a video that her fiancé, Mike was shooting with his iPhone. They actually had a video of the moment the ring flew from her finger.
I asked if the ring was lost in the surf or on dry sand. They told me it was ankle deep water. We were fortunate as the tide was falling which would be in our favor for a successful search. It would be about two hours till I could get there but I needed them to wait if possible.
When I arrived we still had enough sunlight and the water had receded enough to get me to possible places the ring could be. I chose to start with my new Deus metal detector. After grid searching the location they believed the ring to be, I was beginning to think of expanding more to the south. I was on my last pass at the water’s edge when I heard the signal I was listen for.
It was Candace’s beautiful rose gold diamond engagement ring. The ring had probably gone more than 15 feet into the surf from where she had been standing when the loss occurred. Amazing that it was only 4 or 5 inches deep in very mushy soft sand.
It was awesome to see the happiness that came to everybody that thought this ring was lost forever. Also a pleasure to meet everyone and help find this symbol of their love for each other.

3 Replies to “Diamond Ring Lost in Surf .. Balboa Pier, CA. .. Found and Returned”

  1. John Volek says:

    Nice work, Stan

    John Volek TRF-Houston

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Amazing how fast they sink. The Deus strikes again!

  3. Dana says:

    Stan you are the man! It was a pleasure to meet you!! You saved the day!

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