Model Loses Ring During Photo Shoot .. Point Magu, CA. .. Sycamore State Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday . 11:30am

Cynthia called me, asking me if I was available to help find a ring lost in the sand at Sycamore State Beach, Point Magu, Calif. Her company was assisting a well known Italian photographer and model doing a photo shoot for Vogue Italia Magazine. It was not your average photo shoot. It was more like a movie production. This ring was actually part of props rented from a company that leases items for movies. There were about a dozen members of the crew and cameras and lighting set up everywhere. They were busy working, so one of the assistants showed me where they thought the model, Bianca had believed the ring slip off her finger in a 40 x 40ft area.

When I started my grid search, it was loaded with trash metal, nails, bottle caps, etc. normal for beach areas near fire pits. It was so trashy that I thought I might have to return with sifting equipment to find the ring.
Before giving up I put on my 6″ coil, reduced sensitivity, and eliminated discrimination (basically  all metal) so I could listen for a gold tone. After finding a couple nickels amongst two handfuls of bottle caps, I felt there was a chance to listen for low tones. Within a few minutes after making these adjustments to my Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector, there was slight low sound mixed with other trashy signals. Boom! A beautiful unique gold ring in my sand scoop.
Cynthia, Bianca and the others on the crew came over to thank me. Again, I heard the words that I hear so often ” We never knew a service like this existed” .. It was only possible because Cynthia was able to use the internet to find Someday we will be a household word.


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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Very interesting Stan. Did you get a cameo appearance in the photo shoot? Actually, I think that it would be very satisfying to be able to help out in this kind of situation. Keep up the good work

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to sniff that one out there Stan. Good work!

  3. Sean Boddie says:

    Great work Stan.

    Heres a bit of an idea you might like….

    I use a piece of 1.2m long, 40mm pvc pipe (sorry about our ‘down under’ units of measurement!) with 7 dangerously powerful 38x20mm neodmium magnets at 150mm spacings which rolls over the sand (has a drag yoke attached) to remove trash items in such areas.

    These magnets will pull a crown seal out of dry sand from a surprising depth (3″) but you must not drag to fast or you will reduce that to 1″. It doesn’t get it all but is usually enough to get some target separation happening. Works best if you can get your client/s to help flatten the search area on sand by dragging a long piece of 50×100 (4’x2″) across the surface as a concrete layer might. Originally I designed it to pick up iron and steel trash around park benches etc making small silver coins start jumping out of the ground but later found it useful in all sorts of places. eg near boat ramps and popular fishing spots it picks up expensive lures/swivels, hooks, pocket knives etc., stuff a lot of us will not even hear normally as we nearly all have to run some disc when freelancing. I have also employed it with some success in the Western Australian Goldfields!

    Hope this was useful info to someone out there….

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