Lost Engagement Ring .. Chino Hills, CA. .. Found after Three Searhes

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jason called after finding TheRingFinders.com while doing a google search for metal detecting information. He asked me if Ira’s available to help him find his wife’s engagement ring lost in the back yard. He would be home all day, so I was able to meet him at that afternoon.

He told me that his wife Celia had thrown a dog toy for their dog to fetch. Three rings came off her finger and they were able to find two thin white gold wedding bands. The larger diamond engagement ring was not found. I was only able to ask Celia a few questions before she had to leave. We searched the area on the backside of the fence and the neighbor’s yard. Three hours of searching with two different detectors did not uncover the missing ring. I could not think of any places that I could use my detectors. So I had to call it a ” no find” day.
A week later I got a call from Jeff Levy a fellow member of TheRingFinders. He had also been called and had been given a different explanation of how the rings were lost. The rings came off when Celia threw the dog toy from the second floor window. This would make it possible to go further or get hung up in 8ft high tree type landscape shrubs. Also a chance it could landed on the pool slide then into the pool.

I returned to give it another try. This time I gave Celia 3 junk rings to throw from the same window, then 4 rings to throw at a different angle. I was able to find the first 3 in her yard and the other 4 were found in the neighbor’s yard.
I had a Garrett Infinium detector with a sniper coil which I probed into the tall shrubs from their side of the fence and I went to the neighbor’s to probe from that side but could not get a signal. After returning to Jason and Celia’s yard we were running out of places to search. Celia and I walked around the pool slide to try the last possible spot. Celia looked down and there was her beautiful solitaire engagement ring. I had knocked it out of the high shrubbery. There was no other explanation of how it got there, we had searched that spot many times and it was right on top of hard packed soil.
It gets crazy when you are getting ready to call it a “no find search” and up pops the ring. Another awesome search and one I’ll never forget. Celia was ecstatic, so was I, the photo shows her happiness.img_4212


3 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring .. Chino Hills, CA. .. Found after Three Searhes”

  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Stan, hard work pays off…even in bizarre ways. I’m glad not all searches are difficult as this one!

  2. John hughes says:

    Great job. Never give up is what u taught me. Stan is the MASTER

  3. Dave Millman says:

    Three searches! Well done!

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