Heirloom 22k Wedding Ring Lost .. Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Juney called, he asked if I was available to help him find a ring that he thought was lost in the sand at Laguna Beach. The ring had slipped off his finger earlier on the lawn while he was brushing sand off his daughter. An hour later, four blocks down the beach, he was playing with both his son and daughter on the sand when he realized his ring was missing again.
It was dark when we met on the beach 20 minutes after he had called me. I gave him a flashlight and put on my headlamp. We walked to the site discussing where he might have been doing things that may have caused the ring to come off his finger.
Juney showed me an area 35 ft. x 100ft. I took half of that to start a grid down the center, planning to spiral outward. One pass down the center then back in the other direction. After a few feet I got a strong signal, possibly mixed with iron. I pitched a scoop full of sand on the surface and the gold ring was there on top illuminated with our flashlights.
Even though Juney didn’t know exactly where or when he lost the ring, he was able to remember the approximate location and where he had been most active playing with his kids. Tomorrow morning the beach sifting machine will clean the beach.