Ring found in sand ... Hyatt Regency Hotel ... Huntington Beach, CA.

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Tuesday  February 3, 2015

Jim is staying at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel on a business conference. He is visiting from Denver. When he called me at 5:45pm , it was moments after he had dropped his tungsten wedding ring in the sand while brushing sand off his pants. He had a pretty good idea of the location. He and his two friends even put the location on their smart phone with GPS co-ordinates. It was only seven miles from my location to where Jim was, but he told me he had a meeting to attend in one hour. I told him I was in my car with my detecting equipment and it was important that I have a few minutes with him before his meeting.

The traffic was not too bad coming from Newport Beach. The trip only took 15 minutes. It was also nice, not to pay $15 for parking. I have a yearly parking passes for most beaches around the Orange County area.  Calling Jim as I pulled up, he saw my car and waved me over to the location on the beach. It was a little nerve racking because of the up coming meeting. I set up a grid right away, starting at the center of a 50 foot square area. Walking straight through the center rotating in a spiral. It’s not good push myself, because that’s inviting mistakes that can be time consuming. After the first pass I turned to start the second pass, the first two targets that I retrieved turned out to be trash metal, but the third was Jim’s ring. We rushed to take photos for this blog.. Jim called home to report the good news to his wife. They still had time to make it to his business meeting. He did have a big smile but my camera would only let me take one photo. We did have a nice sunset in the background. It was a pleasure to meet Jim and his friends, but it was sort of like.. “Wam Bam, Thank You Stan”


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  1. Jari Boren says:

    Well done, Great recovery Stan ! Have to try the spiral in my future searches.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Stan another quick recovery…Happy Hunting, Chris

  3. Williamet says:

    Glad to join you all!

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