Wedding Ring Lost in Sand ... Laguna Beach, CA. ... Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday  ….   Nov. 26, 2014

It’s a cold winter for the rest of the country, but we are fortunate  in So. California. It’s been in the high 70’s to 80 degrees with lots of sun. I took advantage of a senior discount to go see a movie. Half way through the movie, I received  a call but could not answer it till I got to the lobby. With the technology of the smart phone it was easy to call the missed  phone call. Ten years ago this would not have been possible.  The success of this search was largely a result of people having smart phones and access to the internet. A man named David  answered the call and passed the phone to Robert who had lost his  gold and diamond wedding ring. After talking to Robert I decided I could always go to a movie. It was more important to help Robert find his ring. Robert said he was at the Montage Resort on the beach near Treasure Island and added that he wasn’t leaving till he found his ring. It took me about an hour to get to his location because I had to stop by my place to get my favorite detector, Minelab CTX 3030.

I was able to find a parking place which is not always easy at So. Calif. beaches. I also avoid paying expensive daily parking because I have annual parking passes for  4 of the major beaches and all the Calif. state beaches ( some of the fees are $15  per car)

Here’s  how the ring was lost. It’s your basic ” I took my ring off to put sunscreen on story”  there was a twist to this story because Robert handed his ring to his wife. Sandy put it on her lap forgetting it was there, she got up walking over to the other side of where they were sitting. Then she realized that the ring was gone.After searching through the sand with their fingers , David who was  on the beach near them came to help them. He told them that he had heard from  a friend  about . David actually googled our website and called me. I wonder how many people walk away after losing their sentimental jewelry because they don’t know that TheRingFinders exists in many cities and countries?

It was not a hard search . After finding 2 dimes, a penny and a toy car ,  I got a signal near their daughter’s beach chair. I asked her to move the chair and instantly I got a strong gold tone.  Digging it up with my sand scoop was the easy part. Then the smiles and high fives happened. Robert told me he had worn the ring everyday for 15 years. It was also very important to Sandy his wife, she had chosen this ring for Robert 15 years ago. I’m guessing that Sandy also did not want to be responsible for losing this ring. This will also make a good beginning to the Thanksgiving holiday starting a day early. It was really a pleasure to meet David who helped Robert and Sandy find TheRingFinders directory. I would rather help somebody find their lost ring than see a movie any day .
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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Great job Stan,

    You epitomize the attitude of the servants of directory in your last sentence.

  2. Another great job Stan. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.

  3. john@volek says:

    Great Story…

    TRF Houston

  4. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Stan…You are blessed to have such beautiful weather all year long! We just had a dusting of snow last night!!!

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